This shoot was aimed at working extreme of light and Alexandre is a great subject for that, being very muscular and graphic


In this location image  The main challenge was to coordonate the ambient light on the refinery and the subject. In normal cases the subject is darker than the beackground and we are welcome to use a strobe, but this situation presents a main subject overlight compared to the background, so I opted for an average reading made before the flame was blowed.


In the 2 next studio shos the lights were placed against the background wall and aimed at the model. He is standing about 5 feet infront of the background, the effect of the double rim is very flattering but very precise and needs a good model placement. (2 Aurora UnileverPro Flash headsin Aurora stripboxes 8″x24″)The same lighting setup was used on this highly posed set and each muscle was controlled by the model to yeild to the maximum effect.


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