Joanie is a great model, so I decided to concentrate on her instaed of changing things around all the time. I large softbox 3’x6′ was used on the right side of me and slightly moved forward or backward to make the effect. The light is a Aurora Unilever 300 in an Aurora softbox 3’x6′

This image was then turned in B/W with the channel mixer on an ajustement layer.

Again only one light and a white wall on the left as a fill in reflector. Softness was achieved with Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in 

This image is lit again with the same softbox, now hanging from the ceiling right over the model. 2 plug-ins were used: for softness Nick Color Effect 3 and for the shape of window and the lighting effect: Light v3.5 from Digital film tools . I love combining the plug ins to dissimulate the effect in a result that do not show boldly one style.


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