Who is TheStudioCoach

For over 20 years, Jean Francois has excited his clients with fresh, cutting edge imagery.
He is recognized amongst his peers and has been awarded several times for his excellence in photography. His passion for photography is evident as he discusses everything from lighting to success to business startup.

Jean-Francois has successfully bridged the rift between conventional and digital photography. His skill set of lighting techniques is applicable to either silver halide or silicon. Many international business and civic leaders covet Jean-Francois’ work. His work ethic and enthusiasm for creativity are unparalleled.
In 2004 Jean-Francois spoke in 26 cities, in five countries on three continents. Armed with the latest in studio equipment and presentation material, Jean-Francois educated and entertained attendees in numerous locations across Canada. His friendly style of communicating became his signature.
“I love teaching, I love photography, I love people, I love sharing” says Jean François. There is
nothing more important for Jean François than sharing his knowledge and high energy with a full crowd of photographers. Whether teaching one on one, or on stage in front of 500 students, he shares his passion and some very easy to use tricks of the trade. He can entertain a crowd in three languages: English French and Spanish. Jean François’s seminars are up to date on technology, he was the first photographer to be 100% digital in his region. Many companies consult him on a regular basis for advice on new products they are releasing.
Jean Francois is a successful portrait and commercial photographer currently working in Montreal, Canada.
His creative and energetic style has secured him many repeat customers and internationally known companies.
As a speaker he is both engaging and informative. His background consists of 30 years in the
photo market, as well as more than 20 as a technical consultant to the top canadian photographers. Jean-Francois enjoys helping fellow photographers.


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